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The Studding Twins

Well as another fresh week starts, Mason Wyler is here with more of his action shows. And once more he’s in the middle of a threesome. We promised you that you’d get to see more juicy and kinky stuff with him this week and you did well to stop by to check them out. We’re sure you know that this guy’s site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some kinky gay sex scenes going down. Well there’s none kinkier than what goes down in this one today and you just have to see Mason getting his holes penetrated as the two guys here get to take turns nailing the guy in the ass for the whole scene today!


As they enter his bedroom, Mason takes a seat on the edge of the bed and the two guys get to whip out their cocks out of their pants first. They leave Mason to do his thing sucking them both at the same time with a superb double blowjob and we’re sure that you will find it very very amazing. Then as we said, they get to take turns to fuck him in the ass and you can bet that Mason just adores the attention as he gets to have man meat shoved balls deep in his ass and moan in pleasure as he gets fucked constantly. To end it all, the two shoot their loads all over him and it makes for a perfect end. Enjoy it and check out the past updates for more as well!

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Mason Wyler and Gavin Waters

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to yet more kinky and hot Mason Wyler scenes here this week. We’ve brought you another gallery that’s sure to make your day and as you can see there’s another dude here with Mason that gets to do an encore this afternoon as it’s not his first time getting to play kinky with the guy. His name is Gavin Waters and you may remember him from the last time he got to have fun with the guy. Well either way, today he and Mason Wyler get to play in the big comfy bed once more and this time he gets to be the one stuffing the main man’s ass and mouth with his big cock today!

As they get ready to play, you once more get to see lots of kissing and caressing as the guys get nasty and there’s quite a whole lot to experience in this neat little scene with them. Take your time watching them having their foreplay and you can see Gavin moan in pleasure while Mason gets to wrap his lips around his big dick too. Then you can see Mason being the one to moan as he gets to take his spot on top and bounce up and down that thick cock today. We’re sure that you will have fun with it and do return next week for another show. We’re guaranteeing a superb little session that you won’t soon forget and you just need to see it!


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Samuel O’Toole and Mason

Welcome back yet again to more of Mason Wyler and his action porn scenes. Well if you read the title you know how good these next images are going to be for the whole gallery. Samuel is another gay porn star just like Mason here and they sometimes like to get together and have some fun and film it too. Well they alternate between roles every time and it looks like for this afternoon here our cute and sexy stud named Mason gets to be on the receiving end once more. Well, you know that he doesn’t mind it at all as he gets more pleasure and moan as he gets to have his cute ass penetrated by a big dick too!


Mason and Samuel get right to work as soon as they get to start the cameras and they work their pants off pretty quick. But that’s okay as you get to see Mason whipping out his cock as well and starting to jack off as he sucks on Samuel’s big and hard dick. Well he needs to have it nice and lubed as he plans on taking that in is ass bareback today later and be sure that there’s no way you can miss out on that particular part of the gallery either. Anyway, do take your time to watch Mason sucking that dick with a passion and then watch him taking it anally as well. It’s one of the best scenes around here so make sure to see it all!

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Mason Wyler and Andrew Blue

Here’s a brand new and fresh Mason Wyler scene that you just need to check out and enjoy. This one has Andrew Blue as a guest star and he along side Mason get to go to the bedroom where they get to do all sorts of steamy stuff with one another just for the cameras to capture and for you to see as well. We know how much you adore seeing the sexy and hot Mason hard at play with other guys and it’s pretty amazing to check this one out to say the least. Well let’s get to check out Mason in one of his classy gay fuck sessions with the hot stud Andrew Blue this week and you will be in for one of the juiciest scenes here to date for sure!

When they undress you can see that nice kissing and caressing getting done once more and it looks like Mason is the one in the mood to get his ass fucked here today nice and hard. So as their action begins on the chair, you can see Mason still kissing the guy as he spreads his legs for him. Then watch him take it in the ass right then and there and well, all over the room as well. He got fucked in every style possible and he enjoyed Andrew’s companionship quite a lot here today. Do take your time with this one as there’s quite a lot of images in the gallery too. With that being said, we’ll return next week once again and we’ll have some more shows for you!


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POV Suck Off

Another fresh week and it’s time to get to see some more of your favorite naughty guy Mason Wyler playing nasty. In this show he gets to show off his oral skills one more time as he gets to take part in a simply incredible POV style cock sucking session for the whole show today. Well you know just how good he is at it anyway and you know that he never likes to say to to some juicy cock either. His fuck buddy here was more than happy to have him sucking his hard meat and Mason Wyler was superbly eager to get started. So sit back and enjoy the front row seats that you get to have to the whole superb oral session that goes down!


Well to begin with the sexy Mason as you can see is still sporting his shirt and many of his clothes and that’s because the oral is pretty much the main focus of this one and if he somehow is bad enough to drop anything on the shirt he can just wash it later. Anyway, sit back and check him out starting to work that meat with his lovely expert hands to begin with and then using his lips and tongue to work it along the sides. The guy was rock hard at this point and that’s when Mason starts to properly suck his man meat and provide a superb and sloppy blowjob. We’re sure that you will enjoy the superb gay show and we’ll have more for you soon!

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Mason Fucks Gavin

This week’s new gallery is here and Mason Wyler gets to have more fun with another guy. By now you’re probably used to what mason likes to do and well it’s not surprising. The guy gets to play with Gavin this afternoon and that stud gets to help him out putting on a great show for you all to see as they have fun with one another in the bedroom for the afternoon. So anyway, sit back and watch another nice and kinky passionate gay fuck fest with the main man and his friend. Mason Wyler knows how to make things interesting as always so expect to have your socks blown off when you get to see him and Gavin playing kinky with each other!

Gavin is just as hot as Mason and you can rest easy knowing that they both know exactly how hot they look. That’s why they get to take their time and put on display their bodies at first and you can see them pose sensually while they kiss one another with a passion. They were ready to get nasty pretty fast and take your time to see them put to some good use that bed in which they get to play today and watch them fucking hard and making it creak while they do so. To end it all perfectly, you can see them shooting their loads all over one another as they climax as well. Well we hope that you had fun and we’ll see you guys and gals next week!


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Mason Wyler, Johnny T and Ricky M

Another show is ready for you to see today and Mason Wyler has two guests in this scene. Which makes this a simply superb and sensual threesome as well. The other two guys are Johnny T and Ricky M and the trio plan to have quite the nasty time together for you and the cameras without delay this afternoon. Rest assured that the threesome that you get to see and experience is a very rare sight as Mason would do it more often bust sadly he can rarely get more than one guy at a time to be free and play. So anyway, let’s watch this threesome fuck get down and you can see Mason taking two cocks by himself in this one!


So yeah, Mason gets to be the one in the middle of the two and put up his ass for some nice fucking as well. Anyway, to begin with you can check out Mason and the guys getting nude and Mason showing off his oral skills on their big dicks to begin with as well and make sure that they are hard. They he gets to bend over and let the guys alternate between having their cocks and in his mouth as well, and you can bet that he enjoys the double penetration action that he gets to receive this afternoon as well. Watch it all and make sure that you come back again next week as well to see another amazing and fresh scene with the one and only Mason!

Take a look at Mason getting his mouth stuffed!

Mason and Rod

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new and kinky Mason Wyler update just as per usual. There’s more nasty and naughty scenes that happen in this one and you simply must check them out without delay. Mason as you know is quite insatiable when it comes to sex and his playmate for the afternoon is Rod. We told you that the guy would make a comeback and play with Mason again. Well Rod is here to assume the role that he had last time as well and you can see him getting to ride Mason Wyler nice and hard for this update too. So anyway, let’s get the show rolling and let’s watch Rod get a rod in is ass once again shall we?

You might also recognize the sofa that they get to play on as well. that’s because it’s the same spot that Mason got to play in a superb solo scene some time ago and he had tons and tons of fun jacking off and teasing you all. Well now they get to put the couch to good use as they fuck hard and you can see it all for sure here today. Watch Rod do his classy oral pleasing to make sure that Mason is rock hard and then see the guy taking his spot on top and you can see him take it in the ass as he rides that meat cowboy style for the better part of this amazing scene. We’re sure you’ll adore it and more will be here for you to see next week!


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Mason Wyler and Trent Locke

Hey there guys and allow us to welcome you back to another action scene featuring Mason Wyler and more of his very very hot sexcapades with more of his fuck buddies. And naturally it’s as always caught on cam for you as you just need to see every juicy detail that goes down in this very lovely and very hot scene with the stud and the other guy. Speaking of which, the other stud is named Trent Locke and the two of them have a lot of naughty things to do in front of the cameras for you. Get ready to see Mason hard at work with another guy as always and you can see them sucking each other’s big dicks for a good part of this show!


It seems that Mason and Trent were so horny that they didn’t even get to the bedroom, and just settled for the living room floor and the carpet. So once they get all nude and show off their naked superb bodies, you can see the two guys going for a nice and superb sixty nine session with each other and you can see them showing off their skills at blowing man meat. And the two get to take turns later to do even more, but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves everyone. Anyway, we’ll take our leave for now and we’ll see you again next week as per usual with a brand new gallery update and more of Mason getting kinky!

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His Worse Fear

Mason Wyler is back in black as it were and there’s some pretty sweet images that you get to see in this amazing gallery for the afternoon. You know how much the guy adores to play with other studs and show off his skills in bed and joining him today is another sexy stud with dark hair that is just as horny to do some fucking on camera. They get to have fun in the bedroom on that king size bed and they were only sporting underwear to begin with as you can clearly see. So as per usual, let’s get to see Mason Wyler have his sexual fun and let’s watch him be top in this scene too as he gets to fuck that sweet and tight ass with his big dick!

As we mentioned, the guys were wearing nothing but their underwear and they were quite eager. As they get to set the mood a lot better you can see them kiss and caress one another. Soon enough they slide those underpants aside and show off their hard cocks to you and the cameras as well and the dark haired guy gets to sit on top of Mason today. See that cock of mason’s going balls deep in his ass from the very start and as he fucks him passionately you get to watch Mr Wyler stroke the dude’s cock as well. They both climax at the same time and shoot their loads too. Do enjoy it and see you soon with more new content everyone!


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